About: Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee - Sportsologist
I am a Ph.D. candidate in marketing at the University of Oregon. My current research focuses on consumer behavior, sports marketing, and social media. Through my research, it has become quite clear that small changes in marketing pitches (in sports or other industries) can have a profound effect on attitudes and behaviors.


I am a Pac-12 fan and student. I am currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Oregon. I have a M.B.A., with an emphasis in sports business, from Arizona State University  as well as a B.A. in Legal Studies from Berkeley.


I have worked with the Golden State Warriors, Camelback Ranch (Spring Training Home of the Los Angeles Dodgers & Chicago White Sox), Turnkey Sports & Entertainment and others. Feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile or contact me.

The Site

Sportsologist.com is a site dedicated to the study of sports.  Much like a biologist for science, sportsologist is devoted to studying the intricacies of the sports world.  I am to focus the site on aspects of sports business and marketing, particularly as they relate to my interest in consumer behavior (anchoring, framing effects, etc.)